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You want original feature stories that will delight your audience. You want them to keep coming back. You have holes to fill and deadlines to meet.

You want to work with a professional. You want a journalist who will pitch fresh story ideas and deliver great copy on time, with minimal fuss or revision. You want to enjoy working with that person.

Helen Kaiao Chang is an award-winning journalist who delivers great stories.


You have a story to tell. You have a message to share. You have knowledge, experience, wisdom and wit to pass to others. You want your words in a manual, workbook or book. You want to see your name in print.

You want your products to sell. But you do not have the time to do it. You are too busy making money, cutting deals and supercharging your business.

You want someone who can do it for you. You want someone who understands your goals, gets your voice and holds your feet to the fire to get it done. You want someone to do the work and make you look great.

Helen Kaiao Chang is a high-speed editor and ghostwriter who delivers great products.

Your Solution:

Helen Kaiao Chang is an editor, journalist and writer specializing in business, motivational and lifestyle topics.

Her work has appeared in MSNBC.com, Time, BusinessWeek, San Diego Business Journal, Fodors.com and many other publications. She has also co-written numerous manuals,
e-books and books on real estate investing.

Helenís mission is to create more abundance, peace and joy in the world through stories that inform, touch and inspire.

Publications include:

  • MSNBC.com
  • Time
  • BusinessWeek
  • International Herald Tribune
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • San Diego Business Journal
  • BizSanDiego
  • Wired Online
  • Motto
  • Fodors.com
  • Elle
  • And many others….

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